About Us

A cannabis lifestyle brand with an emphasis on cannabis culture, adventure, & experience innovation.

OUR Concept
Our serene escapes offer luxurious retreats - your own tropical paradise where you can truly relax and reconnect with your soul or soulmate.
These magical and private escapes feature immaculately designed modernist pavilions, each with a tranquil private garden and pool.

The Boots on the Ground

BigSurific team

Matt glazer

Matt Glazer .

Justin donnelly

Born and raised in Big Sur, Justin Donnelly is the OG premium cannabis cultivator.

jade rosario

Adventure Coordinator
Jade has been working in eco-tourism for the last 20 years specializing in organic vegetable production, farm-to-table catering, and outdoor ocean front yoga for the people.

Jade brings our Big Sur vacation rental guests the full off-grid resort experience, offering homegrown veggies, outdoor yoga classes, and meal catering. She is also coordinating our up-coming shuttle and tour services in our deluxe Mercedes Bus.

Jade's love for the Big Sur coast runs deep, she's here to show you around town and help make your events and family vacations epic and unforgettable.
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